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Thank you for your interest in being a vendor at the 2024 Maryland State Fair. The Maryland State Fair’s success lies in its ability to blend tradition with innovation, offering a diverse and engaging experience that appeals to a wide range of interests. Whether it’s the agricultural showcases, entertainment lineup, or the festive atmosphere, the fair has something for everyone, making it a cherished event in the state. We sincerely appreciate your interest in being a part of that success and look forward to potentially working with you. 

Submit an Application

Applications may be submitted via the Event Hub Portal. To submit an application, please click on the button below. 

Vendor Info & Reminders


Admission Tickets

All vendor employees must have an admission ticket for entry into the Fair. No exceptions. 

For every booth LOCATION, each vendor will receive either 52 singe-day admission tickets OR 4 season admission passes. Vendors may choose which option they prefer on their application. 

Additional admission tickets may be purchased prior to the Fair at a discounted rate through the Event Hub Portal or by contacting Jeremy D’Angelo.


Parking Passes

All vendor employees must have a parking pass or pay the parking fee to park on the Fairgrounds.

For every booth LOCATION, each vendor will receive 2 season parking passes.

Outdoor vendors will typically be parked in Lot C. Indoor vendors will typically be parked in Lot G.

Free parking is available at the Kaiser Permanent Parking Garage and the MTA Park & Ride Lot located at 2299 Greenspring Dr, Timonium, MD 21093.


Electricity & Internet

Standard electricity of 110v is included and supplied for every vendor. 

Vendors needing more powerful electrical access must inform fair staff in advance and be subject to an additional fee. 

Wifi is available to indoor vendors for an additional fee and should be ordered through Event Hub or by emailing Jeremy prior to the start of the Fair. Wifi is not available for outdoor vendors. 

Application Process

  1. Apply to be a vendor.
    1. Applications are now available for renewing and new vendors and can be submitted through the Event Hub Portal.
    2. Renewals will be accepted until March 1, 2024. 
    3. New vendor applications will begin being processed on March 1, 2024. 
  2. Receive approval or denial.
    1. Depending on reference checks, application processing may take up to 10 business days.
    2. Some vendors may be waitlisted due to the types of items offered, results of reference checks, or other factors. 
  3. Sign the contract via DropBox Sign.
    1. Applicants will receive an email with a link. 
  4. Pay a $500 deposit.
    1. The deposit is non-refundable. 
  5. Assignment of booth space(s).
    1. Vendors may request booth numbers, but assignment is at the discretion of the Maryland State Fair Staff.
  6. Submit a valid Certificate of Insurance by July 1, 2024.
  7. Submit balance payment by July 1, 2024.
    1. Failure to submit the balance payment by the deadline will result in forfeiture of the vendor space and any monies paid as a deposit. 

Note: If you opted for credit card payment, your payment will be placed on hold and will be automatically processed when we approve your application. If you wish to avoid this, you must choose to pay via check and can manually pay your invoice via credit card at a later date in the portal. 

Click the button below for a tutorial to help you through submitting your order:

FAQ - Vendor Applications

A lot goes into becoming a vendor at the Maryland State Fair. Please see below for answers to the most frequently asked questions.

Application Process

Applications can only be submitted online using the Event Hub Portal. If you need assistance, please email [email protected] or 410-252-0200 ext 233.

Vendor renewals are due by March 1 of each year. New vendor applications will be reviewed once the renewal deadline closes. However, new vendor applications may be processed sooner if space becomes available. Applications are considered in the order they are received. 

Vendor applications will start being considered for space in winter and spring. Selection of new vendors will continue until all available space is filled. While most spaces are filled prior to June 1, we continue to accept applications until the start of the Fair and fill vendor space if a cancellation occurs.

Exclusive rights to soda and bottled water distribution are held by Pepsi.

Exclusive rights to propane distribution is Tevis Energy.

Exclusive rights to the automotive provider category are held by Toyota.

There is no cost to submit an application. Please do not send any payment with your application. Submitting an application does not guarantee a space at the Maryland State Fair.

A $500 non-refundable deposit is due within 30 days of application APPROVAL. Failure to submit a deposit will result in cancellation of your application. 

New applicants are selected based on the uniqueness of the product or service, the appearance of their display, the availability of space, and prior experience at events. To verify and judge the appearance of their display, we ask new vendors to submit color photos of their booths at other events. 

Be sure to follow all instructions on the application, including sending color photos of your display. Incomplete applications will not be considered for space.

Applications are typically processed within 10-15 business days. Possibly sooner depending on the vendor’s reference checks.

If you are not accepted as a vendor, but would like to be considered the following year, it is recommended that you apply annually to provide updated information and to signal your continued interest.

All vendors participating in the Maryland State Fair will be given an opportunity to renew their space for the next year’s fair. Vendors not in good standing will not be allowed to renew their space. 

Booth Rental & Space

You may prioritize your booth location on your application. However, we will not know what areas are available until March 1, when we have processed all vendor renewals.

Our team will try to accommodate applicants as best we can. However, the final decision is up to MDSF staff, who will place vendors in locations that we feel will benefit both the vendor and Fairgoer.


Gate Hours
Thursdays: 5pm-9pm
Friday – Sunday: 9am-9pm
Labor Day Monday: 9am-9pm

Monday (excluding Labor Day) – Wednesday: CLOSED

INDOOR vendors are required to be open from 5pm – 9pm on Thursdays and from 10am – 9pm on Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays, and Labor Day Monday. 

OUTDOOR vendors are required to be open from 5pm – 9pm on Thursdays and 10am – 9pm on Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays, and Labor Day Monday. Outdoor vendors may stay open until the State Fair closes if they desire.

While gates may close at 9pm each night, the Fair does not typically close until 10pm or 11pm (or even later). The Fair is officially closed when the ferris wheel lights are turned off. 



Vendors must operate for all 13 days of the Maryland State Fair and be open during the designated times. 

For information on bringing in a Mobile Tour, please contact Jeremy D’Angelo at [email protected]

The cost of booth/space rental includes:

  • Pipe and drape (indoor vendors only)
  • 110v electrical access
  • Either 52 single-day admission passes or 4 season admission passes 
  • Two season parking passes

Basic 110v electrical access is included with every booth rental. Additional electricity can be ordered, but MDSF staff must be notified in advance and additional fees may apply. 

The Maryland State Fair does not rent tables or chairs to vendors. However, MDSF staff can provide you with the contact info for our onsite decorating company (Art Deco) to provide these services. The decorating company is a separate entity from the Maryland State Fair, and orders must be placed directly with Art Deco. 

All vendors must stay within their footprint at all times. “Hawking” and roving are not permitted.

A non-refundable deposit is due within 30 days of your application acceptance. This is for new vendors as well as renewing vendors. You will not be assigned to your booth location until your deposit is received. Failure to submit your deposit within 30 days will result in forfeiture of your space and cancellation of your application. 

Your balance is then due by July 1. Failure to pay your balance in full by July 1 will result in forfeiture of your space and cancellation of your contract. 

Additional Considerations

Yes. Maryland State Fair has an “All Pay Gate” policy for admission. Vendor admission may be purchased at a reduced rate if vendors need additional passes for their employees. Passes may be ordered through Event Hub or by contacting Jeremy. 

Outdoor vendor parking is typically in Lot C. Indoor vendor parking is typically in Lot G. 

Free parking is available at the Kaiser Permanent Parking Garage and the MTA Park & Ride Lot located at 2299 Greenspring Dr, Timonium, MD 21093.

Wifi is available for INDOOR vendors for an additional fee and may be ordered in advance through the Event Hub portal. 

All vendors must obtain and provide a certificate of general liability insurance for a minimum of $1,000,000.

The policy dates must be effective a minimum of August 1 – September 30, and the “Maryland State Fair & Agricultural Society, Inc.” must be listed as additionally insured. Certificates with just “Maryland State Fair” listed will not be accepted. 

General liability insurance through a group plan offered by PSA Insurance may be purchased.

In addition, all vendors with paid employees (including family members) must obtain and provide a certificate of worker’s compensation insurance.

See the Vendor Manual for complete details.

Camping is limited, but sometimes possible. 

All vendors must comply with all City, County, and State ordinances and laws.

All vendors operating at the Maryland State Fair must have a valid Maryland Tax ID Number.

Vendors operating out of a tent must provide proof that the tent is fire-retardant.

Vendors selling food must obtain the appropriate permit from the Baltimore County Health Department.


Over half a million people visit the Maryland State Fair annually. 

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