August 24 - 27 | August 31 - September 4 | September 7 - 10


Board of Directors

Gerry L. Brewster, Esq. – Chairman of the Board
Donna G. Myers – President
Donald Lippy – Vice President
J. Robert Tibbs – Treasurer
Lambert G. Boyce, Jr. CPA – Asst. Treasurer
H. Ward Classen, Esq. – Secretary

Andy Cashman, CFE – General Manager
David Gordon – Assistant General Manager

A. Ferris Allen, III
Mary B. Amoss
Kathleen Beadell
Richard F. Blue, Jr.
David L. Brauning
Jamie Bullock
Fran Burns
Valerie T. Connelly
Charles R. Conner III, Esq.
Rene D. Heaps
David Hill
Matt Hoff
Karen Holloway
Chris Hutchins
Rebecka N. Jones
Donald P. Litz
William F.C. Marlow, Esq.
Daniel W. Mast
E. Paul McDaniel
Robert C. Miller
William Reightler
James Steele
James G. Stierhoff
Dr. Joseph H. Sullivan
Barry F. Williams

Dr. Joseph H. Sullivan
University of Maryland Liaison
The Maryland State Fair & Agricultural Society Inc. a private non-profit 501(c)(3) organization, supports agriculture, education, preserves and promotes Maryland’s agricultural roots, and provides competitions and events showcasing Maryland’s premier industry.



Maryland State Fair & Agricultural Society, Inc., thank you for your contribution to our non-profit 501 (c) (3) organization. Your generous gift will help us to provide agricultural education to youth and the public throughout Maryland and surrounding states, and to give support to the agriculture industry for its future. We could not continue our mission without you!

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